Absent Limits

Mankind is awakening  

Countless websites speak of Man “raising his consciousness,” 

How exactly? 

What mental or emotional tools? What methods should he employ? 

What life-supportive goals does he seek from awakening? 

If freedom is preferred, what laws will replace those that oppress him?

What will found them - who will write them - do they need to be written? 

Will government be retained, replaced, or trashed? 

Will Man redeem his Unalienable, Individual Rights, or not?

Will he learn and adopt Natural Law, or allow ‘legal positivism’ to ‘rule?’  

On what basis will he teach Natural law,  enforce it, and judge it? 

This website truly awakens Man - 

by answering all those questions and countless more…  

Natural Law explores that subject in detail, and offers many links to other authors. Student of Mind and (Part two) ‘Mastering Consciousness,’ describe Mans conscious and subconscious minds, and his emotional faculty like no other. The true ‘nature of Man‘ emerges as the foundation of Natural Law. 

Altogether, these found a new Constitution of Man, a Declaration of Individual Rights, based on Mans individual and Unalienable Rights. With explanatory notes and with universal application, not bound to any country, a lawful stage is then set for a Commission of Justice; a political system without political rule, to replace Government. 

The Private Declaration of Independence lives up to that title in full. Its rationale offers quick insight. 

Mankind may now fully awaken - to a future never glimpsed before!  

The time of your awakening is now - Absent Limits

For Man to truly awaken and shake himself free from todays tyranny and slavery, it should be remembered that loopholes left open, are entry keyholes allowing tyranny to persist. 


This website is for educational purpose and warmly welcomes all those prepared to study these subjects in the interests of personal life, liberty and justice; absent limits. Please also see the disclaimer on the Articles page.