Absent Limits

When government becomes corporate there is no government and no freedom!

When in the course of human affairs it becomes necessary for citizens to break the political chains that bind them, thereby to reclaim individual sovereignty which is the 'right' of their being man, qua man, it is for man to declare the cause and nature which impels self-liberation and to act accordingly. 
Freedom-loving citizens around the globe are choosing so to do and will succeed. 

Now is the time for change - Absent Limits

This website proposes a radical alternative to government, different in nature from anything past, yet its philosophical foundation has been known for centuries.  

Begin with the

Declaration of Individual Rights

first Articles of the 

Constitution of Man

  • Man is individually possessed of certain unalienable rights, which are the rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of value and happiness.  (That is not what you’ve read before.)
  • To secure and preserve these 'individual rights' they must be identified and held inviolate. 
  • No laws legislated by any individual, group, government or society may violate your individual rights.
  • All individuals are equal before such rights and their protection.
  • The One People, by right, may remove any violation or destruction of these rights. 

In those 5 points lies a glorious future for mankind, and not before time! 

Now is the time.

Absent Limits

© Ken Bartle 2013